What We Do

Today our elders enjoy a higher quality of life than ever before. Busy pursuing volunteer work, taking classes, or spending precious time with friends and family, many elders are ready to delegate some of the mundane tasks of running a home. But it can be difficult to find trustworthy, affordable help. That's where Elder Ease comes in. At Elder Ease, our primary goal is to take care of those time-consuming tasks around the house so that you have more time and more freedom to enjoy life. If you care for an elder relative, Elder Ease can take care of the day-to-day tasks around his or her home, freeing you up to enjoy more quality time enjoying your elder's company!

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What Sets Us Apart

Elder Ease offers you customized service that is all about you and your home. With Elder Ease, you have control over the number of visits and the amount of help you receive. Unlike other services that require a minimum of two hours per visit, Elder Ease visits can be as short as one hour long. Daily visits, weekly visits...you decide what you need! Elder Ease is convenient--with such a comprehensive range of services, we can coordinate everything you need to keep your home running smoothly.

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